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Creating a community, teaching confidence.

Our cozy studio provides a warm environment for children 0-5Y to express themselves and thrive in their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development journeys.

New Student Trial - 3 classes for only $29

Mystery Art
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bubble art
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Mystery Art
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Gymnastics Bar
Mother's Day
Tunnel Time

Music, Art, Gymnastics and more...

"exactly what we were looking for!"

"My daughter is 3 and we have tried a few different activities over the last two years, but this is exactly what we were looking for! We started with a weekday music class, and then she fell in love with a weekend art class when we did a make up, so now we come twice a week. The classes, staff, and other families are wonderful" Bethany, mother

New Student Trial - 3 classes for only $29


Our Story

Words from Kristin "Coach K"

Hi, my name is Kristin! In 2017 my oldest daughter started attending a variety of activities and classes, and it was such a great bonding opportunity for her and I, plus the developmental benefits were undeniable. It sparked me to wonder how I could use my background in gymnastics to provide more options in the community... Fast forward through 2 Director roles, 1 pandemic, and 2 more babies... just Bee You is here to offer a variety of developmentally friendly classes and programs for caregivers and children 0-5 years!


Our Mission

A welcoming space for Caregivers and Children

We believe every child, and caregiver, needs a friendly and distraction free space to focus on social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development milestones. Our classes and programs are carefully designed to be developmentally friendly and engaging. Parenthood can be overwhelming at times, and we hope caregivers will leave our door refreshed and full of new ideas to try at home! We look forward to meeting your family!

New Student Trial - 3 classes for only $29

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